Here are some of the pictures Danette Kay Photography took of my boys this morning – I  am trying to get better at posting to this blog again! This is Jack in his new favorite hat (which his dad is very happy about since it’s not pink with flowers).  I love this picture because it is SO JACK!! He’s a stinker no doubt about it!  A cute boys shot – that was quite tricky to get and edit and one of my cheeky little monkey boy Noah.

Love you all,


And here’s one from last month of Hannah and Noah – He decided he wanted in the girls photo shoot!

Hi all,

Just wanted to post some pictures up of our new chicks.  We have 4 that will eventually live at our friends house down the road, but while they are inside birds they will be living in our home! There’s one for each child: Hannah’s is the yellow one named Esther; Chloe’s is the reddish one named Penny; Jack’s is one of the black birds named Nellly; and Noah’s is the other black bird named Henrietta!! They are so much fun and Hannah is very involved with them – even wanting to sleep with Nana and the chicks each night!!


Here are some pictures:

Our 4 little Peeps


The twins when they first saw the chicks



2 days old

Nelly and Henrietta – our Penguin wannabes

Huddle time

So stinking cute!


Henrietta (I think)!!


Hope you enjoyed some pictures of the “new” babies!!



Hi all,

Sorry I haven’t updated in so long, but here are some pic.s from Hannah’s trip to WDW!!! Hannah and I were blessed enough to be asked to go with Ian’s brother and wife Ben and Amanda to WDW! We had SO much fun – I can’t wait to go back in a few years with all the munchkins!!


Love you all,

Below are just some of the three hundred pic.s I took during our vacation to WDW – You’ll see the evil step sisters – Anastasia and Drizella; Woody and Jessie from Toy Story, Mickey and Minnie, Hannah sewing at Minnie’s house; Hannah following Princess Aurora (from Sleeping Beauty) around the princess breakfast we went too; Hannah getting her hair and makeup done at Cinderella’s Royal Castle in the Bibbity Bobbity Boutique; eating her and Amanda’s favorite snack – Chocolate covered Mickey ice cream; meeting Aladdin and Jasmine; Mulan; Hannah keeping her arms up on the test track; huge pumpkins they are growing on trees (super cool greenhouse there at Epcot); Tigger; Princess Tiana and Prince Naveen (SO FUNNY – Hannah was cold so Naveen helped warm her up and it was hilarious); Tinkerbell of course; Princess Rapunzel and Flynn Rider (they were so sweet and he was SO much like the movie it was creepy); Princess Ariel; a castle shot; a Tomorrowland shot; Hannah with Aunt Amanda and Uncle Bennie (she was so excited to do everything with Amanda – it was so cute); keeping her hands up on Big Thunder Mtn Railroad rollercoaster (I have a dare devil – she even went on the Tower of Terror); and a shot of her on the plane after our trip was over – she was exhausted but sad to be leaving the wonderful world of Disney!!!


Hannah was great – she went on everything Disney would let her – she was really bummed about not being able to ride Expedition Everest (a BIG roller-coaster) but she conquered the haunted mansion, the Pirates of the Carribean, and everything else they would let her ride – to include Dinosaur and Tower of Terror – I hope the rest of my kiddos are as outgoing when it comes to taking chances on fun amusement park rides!!

Hope you liked the pic.s and I will be back with more from her Birthday party etc in the next week or two!!!


Hi all,

I know I haven’t written in a long time!! Sorry for that and now that I have a WordPress app for my iPod I should be able to update more often than before! Here is a video from our trip! More to follow – Jacks awake from nap!


Here are some updated pic.s of the house we took today! We close tomorrow!!

The front

The dining area (8 foot sliding door)

Walk in closet in the master

A corner shot of the master

Our kitchen with pantry

Our garage (8 foot door)

The correct rock

The office doors (so we can close Jack off from the electronics

The view from the front door

Our master bath

Love you, More to come!

One of my favorite people and favorite photographer took some pictures of her two daughters and Hannah – they came out SO cute – had to share the link!! Love you all


Hi everyone,

I know I haven’t posted in a long time – So sorry! Life has been crazy! We have moved back to Colorado Springs and are building a house that should be finished by the end of next week!  Here are a few pic.s of the house –

Love ya,


The front (with the wrong stone) to be corrected hopefully this week so they can paint the exterior colors by Friday, weather permitting!

Our kitchen (view from the window over where the sink will be to the island)

The view from the island to the pantry and where the refrigerator will be!

From the dining room area looking to the front door!

From my kitchen into the living room + the 8 foot sliding glass doors!

Had to add this one in – Jack thought the bath we gave him wasn’t good enough so he decided to crash his big sisters as well! Stinker!!

More to come tomorrow or Friday – it’s late and I have 4 kids coming over at 8 am!!

Love you all!